Tips for looking after the windows to the soul

Eye care is such an essential thing, but it is a something that people tend to neglect or take for granted. They will visit a dentist regularly and brush their teeth daily. They will complain instantly if music is too loud and they will check in with doctors like dermatologists or gynaecologists on a regular basis. But when it comes to eyes, people tend not to see what is right in front of them – you only have two eyes and they cannot be replaced or substituted. So, with this in mind what can be done to ensure that optical health is good and that your old peepers will be working for you all the way to the very end? Here are a few tips and ideas.

Testing is good

Get your eyes checked on a regular basis. Your eyesight can get worse and it can be better. It definitely changes though, and you need to assess on a regular basis if you need glasses, or if you have them if the prescription needs to change. Many people prefer to make alternative plans to getting checked out. If they struggle to see at night, they will take an Uber instead of driving. If they can’t read the subtitles at the cinema, suddenly they are not so keen on European cinema. It is amazing what people will tell themselves in order to avoid visiting the doctor. And there really is no need to be afraid. Ask friends for a recommendation or just do an online search for something like ‘optometrist Melbourne’ and you will be ready to start. Make an appointment and do what is required. You might be pleasantly surprised by how painless and simple it all is.

Visual acuity

Using your eyes is a real skill and there are plenty of experts who help train people to use their eyes better. This can be for any number of purposes. It could just be to strengthen the muscles around the eye to help enhance eyesight or it could be in the professional sport space where visual acuity is a major thing. In 2003 when England won the Rugby World Cup, then coach Clive Woodward credited the addition of a visual acuity coach to the team as one of the key factors that helped them to perform. You can even work on this aspect of your sight online.

Listen to your eyes

Eyes are sensitive, and they don’t like to be abused. They will also let you know if they are taking strain. But be aware of this, the signs are there but they are not always obvious. If you find that your eyes are bloodshot and red or if you are finding that you keep on having to rub them, these are signs that all is not well. It could just be that you are tired, or it could be that they are dry and struggling with over-exposure to air-conditioning or bright light but listen to these symptoms and remedy the cause. Things like eyedrops, sunglasses and rest can all help ease the irritation of the eyes. But of you are taking strain optically, find solutions, don’t just push on, you might end up doing serious health damage.

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