S.L. Raheja Hospital a Fortis associate presented the classic case of performing the brain shift treatment surgery. The hospital doctor has showcased the perfect diagnosis example. The treatment was performed on 62-year-old men who are working as an accountant and he was a very active man in his daily life. One day he came across a mid-headache and pain on his face. When his pain started affecting his daily life he went to the local doctor suspected that his pain is due to change in glasses. After few days when his son takes him to Raheja Hospital where he consulted Dr Amit Nabar Consultant-Critical Care & HOD-Accident and Emergency Medicine.

When he explained all about the condition and his condition is not matching his symptoms, when Dr Amit consult Dr Kaustubh Mahajan who is a Neurologist at Raheja Hospital. Dr Mahajan asked him to .go for MRI Angiogram of the brain. After his MRI scan of his brain doctor came to know that actually, all cause of his pain is due to large bleed called Subdural Hematoma in his head which cause the brain one side shift. Raheja Hospital doctors immediately took him for emergency Burr Hole Surgery. Where doctors drain out the blood from his head. You can book your appointment with doctors of Raheja hospital through Clinicspots.

Well, thanks to the correct diagnosis and excellent teamwork on the Raheja doctors who showcase the perfect example of teamwork and correct diagnosis can save the life of a person. After the surgery patient responded well to the operation and he is fine now. If there was any mismatch in the combination of perfect diagnosis and teamwork patient might end up in a coma or might be suffering from paralysis.

According to Dr Kaustubh Mahajan “If it weren’t for the timely intervention, the bleed would have gone unnoticed and the patient could have slipped into Coma, or suffered Paralysis. Any new onset headaches even if subtle should not be ignored

According to Dr Amit Nabhar “This was a classic case of good clinical acumen, timely intervention, experts at hand, and teamwork that helped to save a certain debilitating life. That one particular day that forced him to slow down in his speech, walk etc. gave us an insight into his concern. Importantly, people need to be aware that they need to seek medical aid in a timely manner instead of ignoring the signs or self-diagnosing themselves. The patient has had a speedy recovery and has been discharged, he is been advised to follow-ups every 15 days. Nothing can replace thorough clinical examination and specialized medical aid”.

This Raheja Hospital shows us how well and in coordination, the hospital needs to work. If there was any deviation in the coordination patients might end up being at the serious stage. All the hospital need to have the well-advanced diagnosis technology and coordinated team of doctors to look after their patients. It is very important for the hospital to provide Hi-tech medical technology with most economical cost. Sometimes modern technology can buy some time for people to live.

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