It’s Time to End the Medical Marijuana Debate

Using marijuana for medicinal purposes has long been a hot topic. Several types of research point to the effectiveness of marijuana for people who are trying to recover from pain and other illnesses, but some others frown on its use because it is psychoactive.

The good news is several countries are now taking a progressive approach concerning marijuana. Even Canada recently started the legal use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Unfortunately, for several countries, including the UK, the debate is not also about marijuana for recreational use, but for medicinal purposes.

At large, medical marijuana is still illegal in the UK. However, some forms of marijuana are available over the counter provided that you receive a prescription from your doctor. Although the needle is starting to move towards the legalisation of medical marijuana, it seems like it is still not going to happen any time soon.

It won’t create a chaotic society

The biggest argument among anti-marijuana activists and politicians is that the substance could lead to abuse and mess up people’s brains. There will be a chaotic society with the legalisation of marijuana.

To begin with, legalisation also means regulation. Therefore, not everyone will have their hands on marijuana. If it is only for medicinal purposes, those scary scenarios will not happen. Besides, alcohol consumption is legal, but it is just as bad as, or even worse than marijuana.

Several states in the US have legalised medical marijuana, even conservative states, and they found no evidence that it created the disturbing society some people are trying to paint a picture of.

Help for those in need

A lot of people need medical marijuana because of their chronic pain and other illnesses. For most of them, it is their only hope of recovery, or at least living a normal life. It should not be difficult for them to have access to legal medicine. If you think marijuana is not good for your body, you don’t have to take it. However, it is not a good thing for society to stop those who need it or judge them for their decision.

CBD oil is not harmful

Legalising marijuana means that the government allows the ones that have proven effects like CBD oil. Although obtained from weed, the substance does not have a psychoactive effect. It is even the other way around. It blocks people from getting high if they smoke regular marijuana and prevents them from getting addicted.

People ingest the oil or apply it to the affected area of the body, and it will start to have an impact in no time.

If you are one of these people, continue fighting for the legalisation of medical marijuana. Don’t feel afraid of your decision because you are not harming anyone. You are doing it to relieve yourself from pain. You can consult with your doctor first to find out if it is safe for you to use CBD oil, and if it is, nothing should stop you. You can buy CBD oil UK retailers sell online now.

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