How to Hire Hospital Staff

In terms of recruitment for jobs, one of the most difficult to actually be successful with is the medical profession.  With the amount of people you here going to college or university to study medical related courses, you would think we have a large amount of trained individuals waiting to start a job but unfortunately this is not the case.  When you think about the amount of doctors and hospitals around the country and the sheer amount of staff and specific specialists that exist there are so many to even think about listing.  When a hospital then needs to think about recruiting some of these specialists, doctors or nurses, it then becomes quite a difficult and challenging task.  Thankfully there are several options to help make this easier.

Use a Recruitment Agency

There are some very specific physician recruiter companies that specialise in this filed and have a catalogue of people from looking for roles.  These companies vet the candidates very thoroughly and ensure that they are of a correct qualification and experience.  The price you then pay for the individual is based on this.  Generally there are people from different specialists available to start quickly but alternatively if you have a specific requirement and give this to recruitment agency they will do their best to try and source this.  A massive advantage of using a recruitment agency is the reduction time in you interviewing a large number of candidates and vetting them.  The recruitment agency will have done all the pre-work on your behalf and made this a lot simpler for you.

Communicate with College / University

There are many different students in university studying all sorts of medical related courses.  Once they finish this and are ready to enter the big medical world it may be a consideration for you to get connected with these types of establishments and take some of these newly qualified students on in the hospital as junior doctors or trainees.  If you get these people into your organisation early and pay them fairly then there is a likelihood that they stay with you and you get full benefit from them.  In addition to this, this gives you a good basis for development of people into more senior roles or even other roles within the hospital.  This option also gives the hospital a massive tick in the community as a local employer from education sources.

Social Media

Who would have thought that social media would be a powerful platform for recruitment?  It certainly is with this actually being one of the main ways people connect and actually here about opportunities for jobs.  You can either use your own social media profiles and accounts to promote or engage with a marketing agency or similar in order to do this on your behalf.  If this is done effectively, you can even target the marketing campaigns to specific locations, types of people, age range etc.  The social media campaigns are not specifically expensive either.

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