Hospital Apologizes for Ghost Nurse

A Welsh hospital has issued an apology to some Cancer patient following a nurse claiming to become a medium informed her that they saw a ghost around the ward.

Gillian Davies, 48, were not impressed with this incident, combined with the general degree of care she received at Glan Clwyd Hospital in Denbighshire, near Rhyl.

The ghost incident happened while Mrs Davies was convalescing from the partial mastectomy but still intoxicated by anaesthetic. Consequently, she believed that the ghost would be a sign that they would die. She stated: “Yes, it sounds silly now however i thought the ghost had arrived at get me. I had been very vulnerable at that time. It might be funny if it wasn’t so serious. But at that time I did not determine if I would live or die.”

Mrs Davies stated the nurse came running lower a healthcare facility corridor after recognizing the ‘ghost’. She stated: “She stated she’d seen a spirit but never fear, that they would be a medium. The nurse told us that they was psychic, which was okay, she only saw friendly spirits.”

After Mrs Davies attempted to complain concerning the incident, she was just told to disregard the offending nurse, as “which was what she was like”. However, determination formal complaint against Conwy and Denbighshire NHS trust, a completely independent review found the incident to become “unprofessional.” Review deduced, “The problem here’s inside a nurse being very unprofessional and I recommend this kind of conduct would cause greater than upset to patients.” Additionally, it discovered that a healthcare facility had “completely skirted over” the “rather strange issue” from the psychic nurse, in addition to supplying an over-all degree of care which was not acceptable.

Mrs Davies also complained that regardless of the sensitive nature of her surgery, she was put on an assorted ward in the hospital. Additionally for this, she also alleged that her situation notes were left around the bed, allowing her to see the outcomes of her biopsy with no support. Ms Davies made further allegations about her standard of care in the hospital, claiming that they is made to shower and dress herself alone which the ward was unclean.

Review figured that there “is extremely little question the nursing care felt by Mrs Davies fell well below a suitable standard.” This conclusion motivated Jill Galvani, director of nursing, to create a full apology to Mrs Davies. She stated: “We apologize to Mrs Davies the standards of care fell below her expectations during her remain in Glan Clwyd Hospital. We are able to make sure a complaint produced by Mrs Davies was referred to have an independent review. It was referred to the trust with numerous recommendations.”

Talking about the independent review’s findings, Mrs Davies stated: “I’m not after compensation or anything like this. Among the finest something done this that other women don’t have to undergo things i experienced. The episode using the psychic nurse was creepy and frightening but hospital bosses only spoke towards the nurse – they did not discipline her.”

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