Dental Implants- How much they are beneficial?

Dental Implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the jaw bone and replaces the root of the tooth when it falls. The dental implants stand out against the rest of the options like bridges or dentures for replacing a missing or damaged tooth. This innovative technique offers many advantages over other options like artificial teeth or dentures.   Best cosmetic dentist Toronto offers safe and well established dental implants that look like natural teeth and have a longer life span as compared to others.

Here are the advantages of Dental Implants:

1)    Prevents jaw bone loss: Losing teeth tend to loss of jaw bone mass also.  Jawbone needs the stimulation it gets when your teeth connect to maintain the mass. Dental implants replace the jaw bone stimulation which prevents the jaw bone loss.

2)    Similar to natural teeth in shapes and sizes: Dental implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can perfectly match the gap between the two natural teeth.

3)    Maintains the natural bite force: Dental implants offer the same amount of bite force as that of your natural teeth. Such kind of force is not offered by other options.

4)    Maintains the facial structure: Missing teeth change the shape of the face and makes you look older. Dental implants maintain the shape of the face.

5)    Natural speech remains intact: Missing teeth and older treatment options like dentures can alter your speech and capability to pronounce words. With dental implants, your capability to speak words remains natural.

6)    No tooth decay: Dental implants are free from plaque and bacteria whereas, artificial teeth need care from bacteria. With dental implants, there is hardly any chance of tooth cavities.

7)    Easy care and maintenance: Dental implants don’t require special materials for maintenance and care like cups, adhesive, cleansing tablets, adhesive or special flosses. You just need to brush and floss like your natural teeth.

8)    No slippage: Dental implants are firmly anchored in your mouth and there is no chance for slippage from it.

9)    No chance of misalignment: Dental implants supports the adjacent teeth and fills the gap between them allowing to maintain the straight smile.

10)    Longer life: Dental implants are the permanent solution to tooth loss and don’t need repairs or replacement like other options.

Which clinic to choose for a dental implant?

You need to visit an experienced dental implantologist for dental implant treatment. A good dental implant clinic should give you:

  1. The best-proposed treatment.
  2. The exact treatment cost
  3. The alternatives available
  4. Insurance and guarantee that is available for the treatment.

Do you need more advice on dental implants, visit your best cosmetic dentist Toronto. Dr. Adam Chapnick and team provide family-friendly dental services suitable to all. If you need varied dental services for all ages, visit Dr. Chapnick clinic. Book your appointment today.

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