Cleanse your System through a THC Detoxification Kit

Nowadays, using marijuana as a treatment or for recreational purposes has been more common. While others are using it for its medical purposes, some people are looking for ways to flush it out of their systems. It’s either because they want to just to get rid of the toxin or to pass a pre-employment drug test.

No matter what the goal is, it is important to understand what marijuana is, what it does to your system and find the best solution to cleanse your body’s system.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is the dried leaves and flowers from the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant. It is also popularly called Mary Jane, and also known as weed, pot, herb, ganja, grass and five-fingers. People wo smoke marijuana either in hand-rolled cigarettes or pipes, will get THC in their body and other chemical compounds that is found in marijuana. Some people also mix weed in their food like brownies, or tea. Others mix it in candies and gummies.

When a person smokes or consume marijuana, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol goes into the bloodstream and it carries the chemical into the brain and throughout the body. The body will feel the effect faster if they smoke the weed, as compared to eating or drinking it.

Effects of THC

THC – acts is similar to cannabinoid chemicals which is produced naturally by the body. THC is also found in the resin produced by the glands of marijuana plant. THC raise the levels of activity of the brain cells and in result, it would release dopamine and raises its levels, which creates, euphoria. This would also block new information or memories as the chemical disrupts how the process of the hippocampus.

THC can bring about hallucinations, delusions and can change a person’s way of thinking. It is said to give one a relaxed feeling and that it also makes your colors more vibrant and brighter. THC also affects your sense of time. Others would feel anxiety. The effects could last about two hours on average and would kick in just a matter of ten to thirty minutes after you smoke or take it as food or beverage. The impairment of psychomotor may continue even after the feeling of getting “high” has stopped.

There are also beneficial effects. A lot of people use marijuana or cannabis plant as medicine for hundreds of years. It said to help with:

  • Relieving Ongoing pain (this is the most popular medicinal use of cananbis)
  • It helps control the body from throwing up and hastens nausea from chemotherapy
  • It helps prevent seizures from epilepsy and Dravet syndrome.
  • It also helps people with multiple sclerosis from getting muscle spasm or stiff muscles.

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How Much THC do you have in your System?

There are many factors that determines how much THC is in your body’s system considering the body length of time that you have been consuming marijuana.

How often you use Marijuana:

One of the factors is how often do you consume marijuana. This helps in determining how much THC is in your body. Do you smoke week once a day, every day? Or is it just a few days in a month? Furthermore, when smoking, do you consume the entire stick or joint or do you smoke twice a day? Of course, the more number of times you use (considering the amount you consume), the more THC will be accumulated by your fatty in your body.

Total body fat:

THC is stored in fat cells. The more fat cells you have the more THC metabolites is stored in your fat cells. It does not matter how many times you smoke in a week or month, the fact is if that there will be more metabolites stored in your body.


The healthier your body is the better it will be in all facets in life. If you are healthy, there’s a good chance that you have a fast metabolism. So the faster your metabolism works, the lesser the chance that THC will be stored in your body as the body has its own way of detoxifying. THC can actually be broken down by a person’s metabolism.

What you consume:

The level of THC in your body also depends on how you take marijuana and in what form you take it. Do you consume the flower or the concentrates? Also the quality of these forms matter and will also greatly affect the release of the chemical in your body

Detox Kits

What are drug detox kits and how do they work?  These kits are popularly known as detox packages in the market. You can buy a detox kit at drugstores, pharmacies or through online stores. They are come in either pill or in liquid form. As more and more people nowadays are looking at different ways to detoxify, there are many product for detox kits available. The best way for you to know which detox kit you should consider is by using the best THC detox kit review as these reviews can help you check which one truly works and  is worth the value of your money.

The most popular drug detox kits are usually sold online and it’s for either marijuana and THC. There are many claims as to how fast these kits work. Some would say it would take 7 days to remove the chemical from your body permanently, while there are also expensive products that claims to take effect right away. These kits claim to remove the THC temporarily for 5 hours just after 90 minutes of taking it. These kits do not really detoxify your body from the chemicals, instead they just mask it. Most people who try to pass a pre-employment drug test would go for this option as they would need something that works fast.  But if you are someone who really wants to get rid or flush out the chemicals and toxin from your body’s system, it wouldn’t hurt to use the detox kits that is effective.

Also, you must remember that most websites who claim that their products are effective do not really explain the side effects and the full list of ingredients of the detox kits. So doing the right research really helps in  determining the best kit for you.

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