V tight gel vs Vaginoplasty surgery

Having a satisfied sexual life is very much important for couples. In order to have healthy sex, it is must that both the male and female has healthy physical condition. If anyone among these two does not have a healthy physique both are not able to satisfy in their sexual life. This is particularly true in the case of women. Some problems in the health of a woman affect her sexual life and not only her, but also her man’s also. One such health issue is the vaginal loose.

If a woman has loosen vagina she is not able to satisfy while sex. Also, most of the men prefer women with tight vagina than loosen vagina. Therefore, it is must for women to know what makes their vagina loose and take care of it.

Some common reasons for vaginal loose


Agining is the primary reason for this problem. If the age of a woman increases, the walls of her vagina become weak and this will makes vagina loose.

Repeated child birth

Another possible reason for vaginal loose is repeated child birth. That is, if a woman gives birth to three or four child in a single pregnancy her vagina gets loosed. Also, giving birth to a child every year more than two to three years will make her vagina loose.

Solutions for vagina loose

There are some effective solutions are there to make loosened vagina tight. Among them, the two most effective solutions are using vagina tightening cream and surgery. Let us see about both of these solutions

V-tight gel

The first effective solution is using v-tight gel. This is like other vagina tightening gel in the market. All the ingredients in this gel are completely natural and it gives solutions to different problems related to vagina.

Pros of V-tight gel

  • This gel is made up of full and full natural ingredients
  • This gel is not harmful for the woman
  • This gel is good for vaginal problems like vagina loose, itching in the vagina and vagina dryness
  • Prevents vagina from dryness and lubricates it and restores the sexual pleasure of the woman
  • When use continuously, it shows good results in faster time

Cons of V-tight gel

V tight gel reviews reveals that there are no such effective cons for this vaginal tightening cream.

Vagino plasty surgery

The next good solution for this problem is the Vaginoplasty surgery. This procedure is nothing but reconstruction of the vagina. It is taken to treat the loosened vagina which treats the vagina and its supporting structures. Taking this surgery is considered as one of the effective solutions for vagina tightening.

Pros of Vagino plasty

  • It repairs vagina
  • It constructs vagina
  • It reconstructs vagina

Cons of this surgery

  • The risk of this surgery varies as per the gender reassignment
  • Also, in some cases, taking this surgery will affect the ability of bladder emptying
  • Some people said that they don’t see any change after taking this surgery
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