Three Schools Introductions

The 2019 America college rankings has come out, as one of the most influential college rankings in the world, the US News American University rankings (also known as 美国大学排名) is an important reference for many students when the choosing a college. This article will introduce 3 elite schools that are ranked top 20 on the list. They are Johns Hopkins University, Dartmouth College and University of Notre Dame.

Johns Hopkins University (约翰霍普金斯大学)

The Johns Hopkins University, referred to as Hopkins or JHU, was founded in 1876 and is one of the world’s top private universities, the first research university in the United States, and the top university in North America. One of the 14 founding schools of the Association of America Universities (AAU). n 2016, the National Science Foundation listed the school as the highest-cost in research universities in the United States for 37 consecutive years. Up to now, 37 faculty members and employees have won the Nobel Prize. 2018USNews World University ranked 10th; in 2018, the British “Times” Higher Education Supplement listed it as the 13th in the world and the 9th in the United States.

Johns Hopkins University not only has the world’s top medical schools, public health colleges, international relations colleges, but also outstanding achievements in the fields of bioengineering, space science, social and human sciences, music and music. John Hopkins Hospital (JHH), the teaching and research unit of the school’s medical school, has been named the best hospital in the United States for 21 consecutive years.

Dartmouth College (达特茅斯大学

Founded in 1769, Dartmouth College is one of the world’s oldest universities in the United States and one of the eight private Ivy Leagues. Located in the small town of Hanover in New Hampshire. The , the purpose  of establishment of the school was to cultivate young people and young whites of the local Indian tribe.

The undergraduate enrollment competition is very intense, and the undergraduate enrollment rate is only 10.3%. Like Brown University, which is also one of the Ivy Leagues, one of the biggest features of the school is small and refined. In today’s growing university population, Dartmouth College maintains a strict admissions system and a very high entry barrier, with a teacher-student ratio of approximately 1:7, making it a small, high-quality private research university. There are about 4,200 undergraduates, about 2,000 graduate students, and 1,081 professors. Three Nobel Prize winners have studied here.

University of Notre Dame (圣母大学)

University of Notre Dame is a private, integrated Catholic university founded in 1842 in South Bend, Indiana. The US National University’s comprehensive ranking in the US NEWS is 18; the Wall Street Journal also rated the school’s EMBA as the sixth in the United States; the US News and World Report commented that the school’s professorship is the fourth in the United States; Princeton University commented that the school’s business school is the fifth largest in the United States.

The University of Notre Dame currently has a total of 12,000 students, 8,500 are undergraduate students and 23,600 are graduate or higher degree students. About 7% of international students are from around the world, and about 85% of local American students are Catholic.

The University of Notre Dame is run by the church,he school encourages students to participate in the community service activities. According to school statistics, 80% of students in school participate in community service projects, and 10% of graduates volunteer to volunteer in the world’s developing or poor countries for one or more years. Therefore, the University of Notre Dame students are known throughout the world.