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We all love it when our kids get involved with local sports. We know that playing in a team with other kids will teach them how to act in a group, how to share and how to compete. These are all skills they will need to succeed in life. But there is a dark side to these sports teams and never is it more obvious then when they come home from a Little League game, a tooth missing from a wayward ball or bat.

If we are lucky they will still have the tooth in hand and you can hightail it out to a place like to see if that toothy grin can be restored. But beyond the question of losing a tooth or two, kids sometimes find out that team sports are just not the right kind of after school activity.

Don’t wait until they come home crying to find an alternative that is both healthier than video games and more responsible than street hockey. Here are some ideas for how your kids can enjoy the company of other kids, learn from them and not be subject to the trials and tribulations of organized kid’s sports.

Arts Clubs

Not every kid is destined to be the next big baseball star. If you have a child that is more interested in looking at picture books of great artists than in watching sports, you might want to look for after school art clubs. There are a number of these and they can involve everything from learning to paint to piano lessons.

Kids are naturally inquisitive and love to learn if encouraged. While some Dads may prefer his son to play softball with the neighborhood kids, don’t limit him if he shows a different interest. Exposing them to as many different types of experiences as possible at as young an age as possible will open up their minds to many new and exciting ideas. Encourage music, art, reading and every kind of creative experience as you can, in addition to the traditional sports groups.

Nature is Calling

Getting kids out of the house, off the computer and learning can include joining the local scout troop and gaining insight into nature. There are kid’s groups that learn not only camp craft but also respect for nature through such well-known organizations as The Sierra Club and local fishing and hunting groups if that is more your bend.

Whatever you introduce them to, make sure that this is what they want instead of simply something you want your kids to experience because you never got to do it as a kid. Parents sometimes live through their kids, so make sure first that they have shown an interest.

Science is Cool

Don’t leave out those nerdy things kids love such as science clubs and comic books. You might not see it now, but these are the kinds of interests that can lead to productive lives doing important or creative work. Kids and even adults are always happier doing what they feel passionate about, so encourage your kids to find their passion and follow it.


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