Rare Side Effects When Used Properly Proves to be true for Weight Loss Drug

When a person consumes food items, they serve as energy for the body functions. Not all of this energy is spent immediately, some are stored. The energy stored is in the form of fat. This fat accumulates in the body where they are least bothered physically. When this fat accumulation becomes excessive and uncontrolled, that’s when one becomes overweight or obese. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), one is considered overweight when their Body Mass Index (BMI) is 25-30 and obese when it crosses 30. This scale is slightly reduced for some countries based on race and ethnicity.It’s estimated that the United State has the highest obese people amongst the industrialized nations and remains at the top. The rate at which it increases is also growing at a steady pace. America’s obsess people spend on an average USD 1400 more on medical expenses than their normal people. This is a staggering amount considering the same amount is someone’s annual income in a poor country.

Reasons to Lose Weight

An obese person has to live with a constant fear of being affected by medical ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, certain types of cancer, osteoarthritis and depression. Sometimes they become the butt of jokes and being ridiculed in their living environment. Losing weight takes a lot of time and efforts in the form of exercise, walking and jogging and other physical activities. Medical intervention in the form of Bariatric surgery is another option. All the above are time consuming. Steroidal drugs which offer rare side effects when used properly takes shorter time periods to lose weight effectively.

Appetite Suppressing Steroids

Research has discovered some artificial steroids which have an effect on the central nervous system (CNS). These steroids are psychostimulants which act on the endocrine glands and hypothalamus to stimulate the brain that no more food is needed even when the stomach is not full.  Once the intake of the food is decreased day by day, the body consumes the excess fat stored and one reduces weight. When consumed orally, drugs like Phentermine gives little side effects when used properly for those aspiring to lose weight.

Usage and Safety

These steroidal drugs are available only with a prescription of a medical practitioner. They will recommend the dosage and usage of these drugs since any abuse might give unwanted results easily. The recommended dose is 37mg per day of phentermine before food. Higher doses are recommended for excessively obsess people but under strict monitoring by the medical practitioner. A course of these drugs is given for 3 months after which they have to be stopped since the long-term side effects will start to kick-in. Short term rare side effects when used properly of these drugs are very low compared to the long-term use. These may be unpleasant taste in mouth, dry mouth, nausea and diarrhea or constipation. When this occurs consult a doctor immediately and asses the usage of the drugs.

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