Primal Diet and Fitness – An Intro

Primal diet and fitness, also referred to as paleo or paleolithic diet, is a means of eating and exercising which has completely altered the way i view health. I am 100% offered onto it. Actually, you will find that a lot of the information on Wellnut relies upon the Primal philosophy!

So, what is primal? To reply to that question, Let me start in the foundations…

What’s Primal?

Going ‘primal’ or ‘paleo’ basically means that you’re trying to eat and workout the way in which our human ancestors did lengthy prior to the beginning of agriculture – as well as we are able to, within our 21st-century world. In the end, agriculture only has existed for roughly 10,000 years, which is just a small sliver of humanity’s lengthy existence in the world. Before this, your average human spent many of their time looking for food and foraging for plants, fruits, nuts, and/or seeds. There wasn’t any bread baking within the oven, as ubiquitous as that’s to all of us now.

Basically, our physiques haven’t been made to eat what we should could not search or forage for naturally.

Primal Food

Exactly what does a primal follower eat? In a nutshell: plants, creatures, fruits, nuts, seeds, and oils. That’s so as of quantity. Here is a list that will assist you out:


* Plants: vegetables just about any edible plant that grows about this eco-friendly earth.

* Creatures: MEAT! Including beef, chicken, pork (including bacon), fish, and eggs (yes, there’s more for this list).

* Nuts: almonds, walnuts, macadamias, etc. No, this does not include peanuts (they are a legume).

* Seeds: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc….chew away!

* Oils: Essential olive oil, coconut oil, omega-3 fatty acids, amongst others.


* Grains (bread, pasta, grain, and all sorts of their derivatives)

* Sugar

* Processed food

* Dairy (even though this the first is much more of a gray area, and far less important compared to other points)

You’ll find more in-depth discussion of primal diet in certain of my approaching posts.

Primal Exercise

The idea behind primal being active is exactly like with diet we are searching at what our ancestors (and ourselves, genetically speaking) could have been made to do. What’s that?

* Lots of walking

* Heavy-lifting

* The periodic sprint

There you have it. No marathons, no one-destroying “chronic cardio” as Mark Sisson puts it. Again, this is explored in greater detail soon.

Do you know the advantages of going Primal?

The advantages of going primal/paleo are wide and deep, but listed here are a couple of:

* Elevated energy

* Weight reduction (more precisely: burning of excess fat)

* Slower aging

* Significantly less chance of a number of disease and disorders (ie. cardiovascular disease)

You are able to infer that sticking with the traditional diet of heavy carbs, low-fat and processed food is only going to result in the opposite of the aforementioned.

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