How Your Toilet Paper Can Mess Up With Your Lady Parts (And Backside)

Being a lady is never easy. One needs to be extra careful especially when it comes to hygiene. Most women wipe their private parts and backside with toilet papers. If you’re one who relies on these dry sheets of toilet essentials, then you might as well be risking your health.

When using the bathroom, one of the least of our concerns would be whether or not your precious brand of toilet paper is causing problems to your private parts. With our plates, mumbo-jumbo of hectic schedules and a whole lot of responsibilities, and the fact that we’ve been using toilet paper since forever makes it even a subject not worth concerning about, right? What we fail to realize is that toilet paper itself can do more harm than good.

Here are some of the ways how your TP can mess up with your lady parts and backside.

Tiny Paper Cuts

You read that right! Toilet paper is still thin sheets of paper that can cause tiny cuts on your lady parts and tushies. Since the surrounding tissue down there is so sensitive and thin, and you can easily get toilet paper cuts. Why? Toilet papers are made from highly processed trees.  This is especially true if you’re one of those who likes to wipe roughly and vigorously.

Ever experienced using rough toilet papers? These have rougher fiber contents which can cause micro-cuts to happen. Such cuts can become infected which can cause both pain and discomfort – all because of that TP you used.

Puffiness and Irritation

Did you know that some toilet papers that can contain harmful chemicals? Some of us are fond of using the scented ones. But what is unknown to many is that some brands of toilet paper have chemicals and harsh blemishes on them.

All women have their normal flora. Using TPs with harmful chemicals like Formaldehyde, Chlorine and Bleach Derivatives can wreak havoc on your lady parts and backsides like puffiness and irritation.

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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

If you’re one of the unfortunate ones who already had a Urinary Tract Infection before, then you know the factors poor bathroom habits is one its causes. Dry wiping the wrong way can introduce bacteria into your urethra, and this can result in UTI.

What are the Better Alternatives to Toilet Papers?

One good toilet paper alternative would be the use of wet wipes when you’re on the go. However, even these are not good enough to make sure you’re squeaky clean. The best way to efficiently and effectively take care of your lady bits and tushies is by thoroughly washing them with water using bidets. Now, modern bidets from offer comfort cleaning that is also hygienic and eco-friendly.

Thanks to bidets, the seniors, young children, new mothers and even those people with diminished arm and hand muscle strength can care for their backside and private parts. This applies to everyone because all deserve a healthier alternative than toilet papers. One doesn’t need to worry about vigorous wiping as you’ll only need a few buttons to start effectively cleaning. Wonder what the best thing about bidets is? These are cost-effective, eco-friendly and promotes health and wellness for all.

So, the next time you use the bathroom, take the time to think about this. Is the money you pay for toilet papers worth the risks?

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