How to Be Safe When You’re Driving a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are for vehicle enthusiasts who like living on the edge. It seems obvious that cars are much safer than motorcycles, because on a bike you are more susceptible to injuries from external forces due to the lack of protection.

Unlike cars, motorcycles do not have walls to protect you from injury or the harsh environment. That is why when it comes to safety and protection, motorcycle drivers have to be three times as serious about their safety as car drivers in order to guarantee a safe trip with no injuries. Here are the tips on how you can stay safe when driving a motorcycle.

  • Dress appropriately.

Showing off is part of the motorcycle culture, but is it really worth it to show off your expensive bike when you are not dressed appropriately for it? As mentioned, motorcycle bikers are more susceptible to injuries considering the fact that there are no shock-absorbent elements that will protect the driver, so their bodies have to do all the absorbing of the energy. This also means that you have to be protected from head to toe with the following gear:

  • Helmet
    Wearing a helmet helps you to protect yourself from major head injuries. While there are instances of helmets breaking, at least it lessens the impact by not allowing external forces to directly hit your skull, which can be fatal. It is important that you invest in great quality helmets, as it is regarded as the most important gear to have when you plan on driving a motorcycle.
  • Leather jacket and gloves
    The most common injury faced by motorcycle drivers is skin abrasion—when your skin collides with a rough surface, leaving scratches and open wounds. It is crucial for motorcycle drivers to wear leather jackets and gloves in order to protect themselves from skin abrasion, since leather is strong enough to withstand the force of the collision.
  • Sturdy shoes
    It has never been advisable to drive a motorcycle wearing only flip-flops, as they offer no protection or whatsoever. With your feet resting on the exhaust system and constantly shifting gears, you need a great pair of shoes that can protect your feet from heat and external forces.
  • Always check your motorcycle’s condition prior to driving.

Checking your motorcycle’s condition prior to driving should never be considered an overrated routine. Your motorcycle’s performance is mainly based on its condition, and a poor condition can lead to mechanical problems that may pose a risk to your safety while you are on the road. Be sure to check if the gears are working well and that the tires have enough air pressure.

  • Drive according to your skills.

It is quite pointless to drive your motorcycle at high speed when your skill doesn’t match up to that level of driving. It only takes common sense to be able to drive safely, and it takes great skill to maneuver through vehicles without colliding with any of them. Unless if you are a professionally trained motorcycle driver, it is vital that you drive at your skill level in order guarantee safety for you and everybody else.

Being a safe and careful motorcycle driver starts with you and the habits that you keep.  Following these guidelines should guarantee your safety from a motorcycle crash that can harm you.

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