How Choosing Biotechnology Can Give You a Promising Career?

Biotechnology provides you with a highly promising career with lots of opportunities in different places like hospitals, clinics, Biotech and Pharma companies.

There are many biotechnology jobs vacancies depending on the specialisations you choose in your biotechnology degree. There are many options to get a degree in Biotechnology. Few of them are to pursue an engineering degree in Biotechnology, Environmental biotechnology and B.Tech biotechnology. On the other hand, if you don’t like to take Maths in biotechnology degree, you can do aquatic Biotechnology, biochemistry, medical biotechnology etc.

Biotechnology is a branch of science, which has a lot to do with research. Hence, the demand for this branch of education in India and abroad is growing at a rapid rate. India is one of the best places for the biotech industry and there is a lot of trained manpower in the private and government sectors. Slowly, the Indian government is also investing more money in the research field. One can apply this research methodology in the fields of nutrition, agriculture and animal husbandry. They can employ the living cells in the industrial process to develop a new product that caters the needs of the animals and human beings.

Since this is a research field, one needs to be innovative with lots of imagination. One must have patience as research is not a one-day game. Regenerative medicine is one of the hottest trends in the biotechnology field. Nowadays lots of organs have been developed from the stem cell stage.

Many people die due to lack of organ donors and biotechnology could put a check on this by growing organs like lungs, liver and heart from the stem cells. There were many instances wherein lots of organs were developed and shown to work. When the organs are matured, they can be transplanted to humans.

Synthetic biotechnology is also evolving as the next big thing in biotechnology. In future, it is expected to grow to a stage where even a kid can make synthetic organisms just like a mobile application.

Since this field of science is research oriented one can expect this field to open up lots of opportunities to the students and nowhere soon the demand for this group is going to end.

The top companies, which are offering jobs in Biotechnology in India, are HUL (Hindustan Unilever limited), Indian Vaccines Corp and Hindustan Antibiotics.

You can find lots of new biotechnology jobs vacancies with new branches of biotechnology evolving day by day. Hence, one can say this field of science provides a very promising career with good package and rapid growth in an organization.


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