Healthy Summer Activities for Kids

Every year when school is done for the season and the kids are looking ahead to summer, parents find themselves wondering what they can do to help their kids find healthy activities. You know the kind we mean, the ones that don’t leave them bored and twitching for their smartphones or video game controllers. There are summer camps that they can attend and for the teens there is always the mall to hang out in all summer long.

But for parents who want to see their kids not only entertained and having a good time, the hunt is always on every summer to find a day camp that will fulfill their expectations, be reasonable in cost and have the kids looking forward to the day. If you live in Santa Monica you are in luck. That is because we have a great summer camp run by Fitness by the Sea that fulfills all these needs. But if you live elsewhere in the country, your options may be a bit more limited. Here are a few ideas for activities the kids will find every bit as fun as our fitness camp here on the beach of Southern California.

Scout Camps

Unless you have lived under a rock for the last fifty years, you probably know that every summer the scouts will run a summer camp that both teaches and entertains. Many adults have fond memories of these camps, and for a good reason. The organization that runs them is well respected and long running. The camps themselves are closely monitored and offered for very low prices for low income families. This means that the kids have an opportunity to mix with kids of all types, no matter where they live. It is a good opportunity for everyone. Best of all they are available all across the country.

Sports Camps

Believe it or not there are some really great free summer camps that focus on sports. They are usually held on college campuses and are often sponsored by the local college. Free sports clinics, as they are usually called, are often hosted by well known sports celebrities and some of the best-known coaches in their respective sports. They are usually organized into age groups, so check your local area for what ages they will host at your local college.

Bible School

If your family is closely involved in a local church, you may want to see if they offer a free bible school during the summer. These camps are very popular with many parents as they tend to be filled with activities to teach children how to treat others with kindness and other types of important activities. Many of these bible camps will even take in kids of families that are not members of their congregation.

Free Outdoor Camps

Many cities and local businesses will sponsor a summer camp that helps city kids get out into the country. It can include camping, field trips to a farm, local trail maintenance or even a fishing trip. Local companies such as Home Depot have run camps like these for several years now, so be sure to check with your local big business to see what they have to offer in your area.


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