Factors to Consider Before Taking on Herbal Treatment

Herbal treatment is all the rage these days. The use of herbal medicines to improve your physical well-being has been around for thousands of years and has regained popularity over recent decades. Herbal medicines are made from organic materials harvested from Mother Nature herself, instead of concentrated chemicals and other synthetics commonly used to treat physical ailments.

Herbal treatment offers a more natural approach, one that is favored by people who practice a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and who are health-conscious and wary of the adverse effects of chemical-based medicines. However, not much has been proven about the efficacy of herbal medicines despite their roots in ancient times.

Here are factors you should consider before taking herbal treatment for better health.

  • Herbal medicine and supplements are not FDA-approved.

A lot of herbal medicines are easily bought over-the-counter, but it is a general rule that the FDA is not authorized to review supplementary products before they are launched on the market. As a result, the efficacy and safety of herbal meds and supplements may not be guaranteed. It is only when the herbal medicine has a new ingredient that the pharmaceutical company is obligated to notify the FDA, and this is only for overall safety, not necessarily for efficacy or study purposes.

  • Alternative treatments such as herbal medicines are a less effective option for cancer treatment.

Some patients believe in the power of herbal medicine so much that they opt for it instead of resorting to the more conventional way of treating cancer, such as chemotherapy, hormone treatment, and radiotherapy. According to a study conducted by the Yale School of Medicine, it has been found out that 78 percent of people who have gone through the conventional treatments for cancer survived five years longer than those who opted for alternative medicine alone. In the simplest terms, they stated, “Cancer patients who initially choose alternative medicine over conventional treatment are more likely to die.”

  • There are reports of toxicity and adverse reactions.

There have been reports of toxicity traced back to herbal products and medicine. These problems range from mild adverse reactions to more serious physical disabilities and even death. One example is a Chinese herbal supplement that acted as a stimulant. It could easily be bought over the counter. This specific herbal medicine has been attributed to 15 deaths, which alerted the FDA of nutritional supplements that contain traces of ephedrine.

It has also been found out that certain botanical products that contained traces of aristolochic acid have been linked to rapid-onset toxicity. Aristolochic acid is a known nephrotoxin and a carcinogen, which can be harmful to anyone and may even cause renal failure.

When it comes to opting for better treatment, it is best if you do your own research regarding an herbal medicine’s safety and effectiveness. You must be inquisitive about whatever you put into your body, for you may suffer an irreversible life-changing effect. Click here to learn more about how you can protect yourself from the ill effects of herbal treatment.

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