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In this article, you can read about 10 interesting facts about drug addiction that can surprise you and upset you. As with most questions about drug addiction, there are many unexpected moments. Dependence is a condition when you have developed the habit of taking a certain drug. If you try to quit – it often leads to “discomfort” emotional and even physical.

The Issues of Abuse

Abuse and addiction to drugs is often a national problem of any country, as for it absolutely the entire population pays. Studies show that the abuse of any kind of drug costs the state billions of dollars annually. This includes the costs of the health care system, loss of work due to abuse of harmful substances, road accidents and various types of crime. You can have the best options for the learn about alcohol detox now.

  • Drug use causes at least half of all crimes in the country, because a large number of arrested suspects were under the influence of one or another type of drug at the time of the crime, most often these are murders or attacks. About two-thirds of drug addicts talk about physical or sexual violence in childhood. Violence against children is one of the main factors in drug addiction.
  • Stimulants and all kinds of drugs that lead to improved mood and give a huge amount of energy always lead to addiction, even after the first dose. These are drugs like cocaine and amphetamine. Drugs change the chemical structure of the brain – this is the main reason why they are addictive. Cocaine and marijuana are examples of drugs that cause such changes. The chemical structure of the brain affects its performance, which is why drugs are so dangerous.

HIV spreads because of the general use of needle addicts. This is a well-known fact. But just as important is the fact that even those who do not use needles to inject drugs into the body have a very high risk of contracting HIV. Inhalants are products that produce vapors that have a harmful effect on the body. Most of them are in household chemicals such as glue, paint, lacquer, etc. The largest groups of people who abuse inhalants are among the 7-9 grades.

The Perfect Solutions.

Most people associate dependence with the use of illegal drugs and alcohol, but recently a large number of people have abused medical drugs prescribed by doctors. Teenagers steal from their parents or buy illegally. Due to the fact that some people with incurable diseases get rid of the pain with the help of marijuana, this drug has a reputation less harmful.

Despite this, marijuana has a very bad effect on the body, including on the learning process, it causes memory problems, changes the perception of reality, causes clumsiness and increases the heart rate. Marijuana contains a substance called THC, which directly affects brain function, and can leave permanent or long-term effects, even after the person stopped using it.

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