Distracted Truck Drivers: What To Do If You Got In An Accident With One

Back in 2015, a total of 4,311 large trucks and buses have been involved in fatal accidents—a 62% increase from 2009. This in itself is an alarming factor to consider especially that buses and trucks are fairly larger than ordinary cars and motorcycles that also dwell on the road. Unfortunately, accidents don’t choose anyone so it can happen to you anytime and anywhere. Should you ever find yourself in such a terrifying situation, here are the steps that you can do to make sure you’ll get out of the situation just fine:

  • Call the authorities

Being hit by a truck, especially when it was caused by a distracted truck driver, is a very serious issue. The truck driver could escape at any minute without allowing you to gather any information about them and this could be a total loss for you. Call the authorities immediately in order for the police to file a formal report—something that your insurance company and personal injury lawyer will require should you need to file for a personal injury claim for the damages inflicted upon you.

  • Check yourself and your companions for any serious injuries

While waiting for the response of the authorities, check yourself if you’ve obtained any serious injuries. After that, you may check on your companions. It may take a while for the paramedics to arrive at the scene and if someone is bleeding excessively, it’s crucial that you perform first aid in order to address the injuries. However, if you suspect anyone of having any damages to their bones, especially to their spinal cords, it’s important that you not move them at all. Instead, guide them to stay awake until the paramedics arrive.

  • Document the scene of the accident

Document the scene as soon as you can. Having your own photographic pieces of evidence will help support your personal injury claim. Here are some key shots that you have to take photographs of:

  • damages inflicted on your car
  • your injuries
  • any skid marks on the ground (or the lack thereof)
  • the model, make, color, and license plate of the truck
  • the scene including the truck and your vehicle
  • Gather all vital information

When the police arrive, they’ll collect you and the distracted truck driver‘s statement for the purpose of the police report. Before the investigation ends, see to it that you have collected the names and contact information of the truck driver, the police officers present in the scene, the names of the paramedics, and the eyewitnesses to the scene. Doing this step shall allow you to save time, money, and resources when filing for a personal injury claim.

  • Inform your insurance company

As soon as you’re able to, call your insurance company to inform them of the accident you have just been involved in. Your agent should be able to prepare any documents needed and will ask you any vital information. They will also inform you of the key steps that you should do in order for the situation not to turn against you.

  • Talk to a personal injury lawyer

You need a personal injury lawyer to fight for your legal rights for all the damages inflicted upon you, especially that the accident wasn’t your fault. The distracted truck driver’s employer should be able to compensate for all the psychological and physical damages brought upon you, and a personal injury lawyer should be able fight for your compensation no matter what.

Good luck!

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