Dental Implants – What Should You Expect From It

Today’s dental procedures have evolved and there are number of dental surgeries that can fit right into your budget. Usually, dental implants are recommended to those people who want a permanent solution to their teeth problems.

 People who have missing or damaged teeth are the best candidate for implants. However, they should not have any gum problem or any serious medical condition that can exaggerate the entire procedure.

Let us check the factors which needs to be considered for dental implants

Consult with your dentist

The decision of dental implant should not be done in haste. There is always a necessity for an initial clinical consultation. Routine dental checkups are necessary to understand the root of the problem.

By your oral health the doctor will decide the procedures which will be more appropriate. There are times that people regret their decision for dental implants because they are not well informed about the whole process, the cost involved and the aftercare techniques.

Moreover, be sure that you have disclosed your entire medical history. There are times where a doctor may not prescribe you certain medicines because of some allergic reactions. Additionally, make sure you have answers to your doubts and questions in your mind.

Understanding the entire process

Among various other dental procedures, implants are type of surgeries that will require use of titanium screws. These will act as an anchor to your teeth. These titanium anchors are inserted into your gums with the help of surgery. It will take few weeks for your gums to heal completely.

The root canals of your artificial teeth must fuse with the titanium screws, so that both of the structures are held up properly. Meanwhile, your prosthetic teeth will be customized based on your teeth size and specifications provided by the dentist. Once your gums have healed completely, the prosthetics will be fitted directly to the teeth space and permanently anchored to the gum area.


Dental implants can cost around 600$ to 3000$ dollars depending on the surface area of the tooth. Most of the times dental costs are covered by the clinic or by third party loans as dental implants are considered as cosmetic procedures. For this you must do your homework and have a budget after discussing with the professional.


While your gum is healing after the surgery, you will be required to be on a soft diet. This means you have to refrain from eating and biting medium to hard food items. It is recommended to eat boiled vegetables and fruits along with soup for few days. Pain killers and antibiotics will be prescribed to fast healing.