5 Crucial Features That a Good Water Dispenser Must Have

Water dispensers have now become a very important appliance to own, thanks to the fact that they don’t need any plumbing work and their ability to be placed anywhere due to their compactness. Do you need a water dispenser for your offices, showrooms, institutions, restaurants or homes, but find it very difficult to choose from the plethora of choices available? The article will clear your confusion by providing you a comprehensive guide for buying the best water dispenser that suits your needs as well as budget.

Here are few of the most important features that a cold water dispenser should have. If you have found a water dispenser with these features, you should consider buying it instantly.

  1. Direct Water Supply Usage:

The hassle of dealing with a separate water supply for drinking water and tap water can be avoided completely if you purchase a water dispenser that uses direct water supply. Many water dispensers have the option to directly connect them with water supply and because of this you don’t need to put a separate water bottle on top of the dispenser every time you want to use it.

  1. RO Purification:

If you feel that bottled water is more hygienic than purified water, then you are mistaken as many water dispensers that have a direct water supply connection also have purifiers installed in them. If that is the case, then choose a dispenser that has RO purification because tap water is highly rich in harmless as well as harmful minerals. The dispenser should also have a TDS controller so that it can only remove harmful minerals from the water using RO and retain the essential ones in the water.

  1. UF Filtration:

RO Purification clears the water of hardness and unnecessary salts, but the microbes and pathogens present in the water might be harmful as they transmit waterborne diseases. This is where UF filtration technology of water dispensers comes into play. A UF membrane is installed, which doesn’t let particles with 0.3 microns size or more pass. This way, you are 100% secure of any kind of viruses, bacteria and chemicals that could make their way into the water.

  1. High Purification Capacity:

If you are worried about the water dispenser taking too much time to purify water, then you should go for a water dispenser with at least 50 L/hr. purification capacity. This way, you are assured that you would get fresh pure water at any time of the day as the dispenser would keep purified water and also purify water quickly.

  1. High Storage Capacity:

When it comes to water dispensers, the ones that use water bottles have little to no storage capacity. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a stock of bottles at your place. Water dispensers that use direct water supply have larger capacity for storage, but you still need to make sure your dispenser has at least 20L storage capacity. It is already more than water bottles and a high purification capacity ensures this storage capacity is always stocked.

Water dispensers are an integral part of your office as fresh and pure water could be required at any point of the day. So, don’t hesitate to invest in a good quality dispenser that has all the above mentioned features.

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